The report has been compiled from a combination of research and interviews conducted by Talecco with thought leadership provided by Comotion. It’s aimed at providing a definitive resource for any company that is wishing to become more customer-led and to genuinely put the customer at the heart of their business.

It’s an exciting time to be working with, businesses that wish to become more customer-led. 2018 has seen another exponential growth in the number of C-level customer roles. This report shows that they are coming from a broader set of backgrounds and represent an increasing number of sectors than ever before.

The research and thought leadership clearly explains why appointing such a person offers new challenges for business. The new combination of responsibilities, technologies and internal functions that might be affected by such an appointment requires new thinking from both the organisation and the individual going into the role. We hope you enjoy the data, interviews and articles contained in this report and – more importantly – that they help you develop your thinking about both the people you might wish to hire and the role you need them to be doing. We’d be delighted to chat about any of the topics covered in the report and would love to hear your views about this exciting subject.

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Get the free 2018 CCO Report!

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