Customer Journey Mapping & End-to-End Lifecycles

To truly understand a customer’s experience we need to see it through their eyes. Businesses have always been good at mapping processes, but often neglect the human element; if we can empathise with the emotional impact of a journey and understand its psychological levers, then we can start to design experiences that our customers value most.

We believe that the best journey mapping projects have a clear purpose, take a holistic view of an experience, are insights-based, and deliver outputs that have been co-created with a range of internal stakeholders and customers.

The applications for journey maps are diverse, so at TALECCO we have created a rigorous but pragmatic methodology and a set of easily applied diagnostic lenses that your teams can flex to the task in hand – this ensures that you will continually get value from your mapping activities. Participants will learn about the following:

  • Basic experiential psychology
  • Structuring a mapping project end-to-end
  • Common research methods & tech you can use
  • Running an internal mapping workshop
  • Synthesising insights, creating a journey narrative
  • Designing & validating the map
  • Leveraging a map to best effect