The world is changing...


We live in the age of the customer - the Internet has given power to the individual by offering transparency, accessibility and a voice that can be heard.

To succeed in this evolving world, your business needs to truly put the customer at the heart of everything you do. This requires an obsession with your customer, an excellence in how you run your operations, a rigour in managing your finances, the result of which will deliver sustainable growth.

Businesses are recognising this and are responding by creating new functions to consolidate the customer view within the organisation.

Talecco is a new kind of Talent Business, helping organisations throughout their journey of becoming customer-led. From hiring at executive level, through the transformation process, building up your own teams and upskilling the current team through our training programmes, we are able to support you at every stage.

Specifically, Talecco can help you with :

  • Hiring your Chief Customer Officer or Customer Director
  • Hiring the teams that sit within your new or existing Customer Function
  • Bringing in transformation teams or point expertise to make the change happen
  • Training your teams ensure that they are ready to meet this challenge

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Talecco provides a complete solution for building and developing your Customer function and team!