Expertly managing your executive search from initial planning to interviews, offers and beyond

We work with organisations who value the rigour of traditional talent businesses, but look for the innovations and breadth of thought from more creative fields.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled ability to provide a complete solution for hiring the most senior talent, as well as helping to build and develop customer functions and teams across the globe. We provide a unique solution to each problem our clients face, however, our general approach to the search process is the following:

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What we do

At Talecco, we are the only executive search firm who specialise in sourcing top-tier executives for any customer-led business, no matter the industry or global location. Our outstanding community of Customer Officers and Customer Executives is the largest across Europe, and we are constantly learning from their invaluable insight and practices to ensure we are consistently delivering our clients the best possible executive search service.

How we work

We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ executive search firm; we believe in a more bespoke and human approach where our expert team takes the time to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs to truly guide organisations throughout their customer-led journey. We have developed a series of tools and frameworks that provide any organisation with the ability to fully understand their maturity within the customer space and what they should be looking for in their next senior appointment. So, how does it all work and what can you expect from the process?

Role Planning

We meet each of our clients to discuss their problems and requirements and decide together on an action plan to provide the most suitable solution through:

Making sure to understand where they are in their customer-led journey and the intensity of their plans for change, and what type of customer executive(s) they require;

  • Working together with the wider organisation, helping to uncover the level of competencies the ideal candidate will need to display across the 6 key areas of Strategy, Insight, Design, Delivery, Measurement and Culture;
  • Creating the role specification and developing a candidate communication strategy around the client’s brand.
How we work | Role Planning
How we work | Candidate Mapping

Candidate Mapping

We create a personalised ‘Candidate Pack’ for prospective candidates, which gives them insight into the role as well as the client’s organisation, making sure to convey the company’s values and vision.

  • Using a network based-approach as well as broader executive search tools we scan the market for those candidates who are the perfect fit for the role, regardless of their current status, many would at this stage may not even be considering a move.
  • We are able to be as specific or broad as you desire in finding the perfect match for your organisation. This can mean narrowing the search to a particular region or city in the world, or searching globally.
  • Using all channels we ensure no stone is left unturned when searching for your perfect candidate.

Advocacy Process

Our advocacy process is key to not only engaging with the right hire but also with ensuring their emotional buy-in to the role, your organisation and the location of the role. We share with the candidates the nuances of the role, the organisation’s journey prospects which the role will hold for them;

  • Our Candidate pack is a fundamental part of this process, we spend a lot of time with our clients ensuring that we get to the tangibles and intangibles of the opportunity, this is your shop window for candidates on the organisation and opportunity.
  • When we share the Candidate pack we start developing the emotional and psychological contract with the candidates which forms the basis of the on-going conversations;
  • From the advocacy process we produce a longlist of suitable candidates and at this stage are able to give a clear perspective on how engaged they are in the the particular search.
How we work | Advocacy Process
How we work | Interviews


Interviewing and getting to the nub of the challenges within the role are critical to ensuring that the candidates you see are all able, at a fundamental level to undertake the role in hand. Our personal and detailed approach to interviews leads to not only a deep understanding of candidates skills but also is a further reinforcement of the advocacy process. We will always aim to narrow the potential field of candidates down to the top 5-6 candidates, unless you specifically ask for more or less. This shortlist is then ready for interview by the client.

  • Our screening process is about more than just validating skills and getting buy-in into the role, it’s about getting trends, concerns and other feedback which will help to refine the role prior to our client interviews; 
  • Organised and managed by us, the final interview rounds will happen on the client’s side. The format of this depends on the requirements of the organisation, however, we work closely together with the client’s internal team to ensure the success of the meetings. We also keep candidates up-to-date throughout the process, and aid them in preparing for the upcoming stages.

Offer Management

Most clients find their ideal candidate from the shortlist provided, however out retained model guarantees that we do not stop working until we uncovered the right talent for their business, no matter how long it takes. We negotiate on behalf of the client and candidate to ensure that an offer beneficial to both parties is being made and that the onboarding is as seamless as possible.

How we work | Offer Management

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