A tailored approach. 

We’re not ‘one size fits all’. We believe in a bespoke and human-centred approach, with our expert team gaining an in-depth understanding of your needs to best guide you throughout your customer-led journey.

We’ve developed a series of tools and frameworks that will help you understand where you are on your customer-led journey and what you specifically need for success.

In collaboration with our sister business, Comotion, we’re able to provide strategic planning and delivery on top of finding your next hire or training your team.

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Talecco | Executive Search | Our Clients | PWC
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Talecco | Executive Search | Our Clients | Aviva

We know customer-led transformation better than anyone else.

Talecco and our sister business, Comotion – the strategic and transformational consultancy, creating a customer-led world – were born out of an obsession for the customer.

Executive search specialists, service design strategists, customer experience designers, organisational psychologists, data scientists and specialists across financial services, marketing and transformation – we’re one heck of a talented team.

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We know that there are six fundamental areas to fulfil on the journey to becoming customer led. No matter where you are on your journey, we can support you.

Is your leadership aligned around a common and complete vision and strategy?

Do you fully understand your customers and what drives their use of your services?

How do you create services, journeys and propositions?

Do you have the ability to deliver on your promises?

Do the current metrics drive your business forwards?

Does your culture enable successful execution?


Are you searching for world-class talent to
propel your business growth?

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