With personas we can bring the customer to life and articulate their hopes, dreams, aspirations and behaviours to the rest of the organisation, and in turn help it to align around their real needs and deliver excellent products, propositions and experiences.

In this workshop one of our Customer Experience experts will take your team through our proven methodology, showing you from scratch how to make credible, insight-based personas that you can use throughout your organisation.

Our step-by-step approach is centered around practical steps, showing you how to create personas that are fit for purpose across a range of different uses such as redesigning journeys, creating compelling campaigns and influencing internal culture.

The session is designed to be accessible for those who have no prior experience, and is a useful precursor to our Journey Mapping workshop. Participants will learn about the following:

  • Planning a persona project
  • Persona development
  • Common research methods
  • Synthesising insights
  • Persona validation
  • The various uses for personas across the organisation
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