It’s All About The Customer

There is a lot of talk amongst organisations about how much they value their customers and how delivering a great customer experience is really important to their businesses. But looking at how many companies behave it seems that many are just paying lip service to this way of thinking.

Delivering a great customer experience is all about designing interactions from a customers’ point of view to meet or even exceed their expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. So how do you do this?

Join us for this all day masterclass, with industry expert and Comotion Associate Amy Scott and together we will explore:

  • The critical components behind designing services around your customers needs, motivations, desired outcomes and how they want to feel about their encounters with you
  • The stages in a end-to-end customer lifecycle
  • Practical tips on developing a customer journey map and the opportunity to design your own customer journey
  • How customer journeys are impacted by the organisational structure of the business that deliver them
  • The role the voice of the customer pays in this process
  • How business behaviours drive customer outcomes

This master class is designed for those who want to understand more about the basic principles of service design and how it can help you to better understand your customer needs so you can provide the type of experiences they expect.

At the end of the workshop you will have a greater understanding of your role and the tools and support you will need to deliver a great customer experience.

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