Training and Development. 

We know customer-led transformation better than anyone else.

In partnership with our sister business Comotion, we’ve developed a full suite of cutting edge training and development courses to help your people become customer-led.

The secret to successful transformation is collaboration and these courses will get your entire team on the same page. Devised by experts in customer experience, organisational psychology and transformation, your teams will thrive and rapidly transform.

Bolster your business with our cutting-edge, customer-led training courses:  

Constant learning is essential to staff development and retention. With this in mind, we have made sure that all our training courses are suited to executives and team members alike for long-lasting change and development. 

Customer experience
A one-day course that will teach you how to transform your organisation into  a leading customer-led business. 

Service Design
Learn why you need the basic principles of service design and how it can help you better understand your customer’s needs.   

Persona Development
Create fit for purpose personas and learn how you can use them to deliver exceptional customer service.  

Customer Journey Mapping
This masterclass will get you to map out the perfect process to put your customers first.  

Employee Journey Mapping
Happy customers start with happy employees. This masterclass will help you map out the winning processes you need.


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